order Pregabalin online uk Crispen Breslin specializes in the sales and marketing of premier residential real estate. This performance-driven professional surpasses the conventional boundaries of many agents today. Over the last 10 years,…

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World-renowned developers and builders have called upon Breslin to represent a roster of luxury properties in Texas, Florida, California, Hawaii, and Costa Rica. The top producer in a three-person team, generating over $90 million in residential sales within a single day, he ranked “Best of the Best”, as the number one producer in a real estate firm of over 200 agents. In addition to his notable sales achievements, Breslin is known for his award-winning branding and marketing strategies for a Texas home builder. These redefined brand standards positioned the builder to be acquired by “the fastest growing public home builder of 2012 in the nation”. Breslin’s ability to provide unequivocal client service, combined with innovative marketing structures & industry encompassing experience, has redefined the standards of professional expectations. Less

About Crispen

strattera no prescription Crispen Breslin is an American real estate broker, consultant
and entrepreneur. For close to 2 decades, world-renowned
developers and builders have called upon Breslin, with
ventures spanning from Texas, Florida, California, Hawaii,
Costa Rica and beyond. Crispen drives results through
collaborations, partnerships and relationships.. He always
seeks the best possible process for creating, delivering,
and selling that product to the marketplace.


Crispen’s work includes:


Launched & re-positioned real estate offerings including
brands such as; Ritz Carlton, Starwood and Rosewood


Sales events with single day launch surpassing
$92 million and several eight-figure private placements


Sales & marketing strategy for home builder positioning
for an exit, acquired by publicly traded home builder in 2015


Specialities include: sales, negotiation / persuasion, launch &
marketing strategy. Crispen Breslin was born in Fort Lauderdale
Florida, graduated from University of South Florida, and
currently lives in Dallas, Texas.